Elam Rug

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Elam Rug
Design of Elam Rug (Rugman)
General information
NameElam Rug
Original nameقالی ایلام
Alternative name(s)Elam Carpet
Origin Iran: Elam
CategoryCity, Village
Technical information
Common designsGeometric, Lattice
Common colorsRed, Copper, Begie
Dyeing methodNatural, Synthetic
Pile materialWool
Foundation materialCotton
Knot typeAsymmetrical (Persian), Symmetrical (Turkish)

Elam rugs originate from Elam, one of the oldest cities in the world and historically very important in ancient Samaria. Semi-nomadic tribes around the Kurdistan Mountains in the western part of Iran create magnificent hand woven rugs and rug runners in designs that portray their traditions and culture. The district of Khamseh is a center for the production of Elam rugs and rug runners for a number of tribes in the region including the Senjabi, Herki, Jaffid, and Gurani. The most common knotting technique used for Elam rugs and rug runners is the asymmetrical Persian knot. Although the symmetrical Turkish knot is also used, it is much less frequent.