Rudbar Rug

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Rudbar Rug
Design of Rudbar Rug (Rugman)
General information
NameRudbar Rug
Original nameقالی رودبار
Alternative name(s)Rudbar Carpet
Origin Iran: Gilan
Technical information
Common designsHerati, Medallion, Geometric
Common colorsRed, Ivory, Beige, Blue
Dyeing methodNatural, Synthetic
Pile materialWool
Foundation materialCotton
Knot typeSymmetrical (Turkish), Asymmetrical (Persian)

Roodbar is a small village in Northern Iran's Gilan province. It is situated just south of Rashte. Roodbar produces a small amount of handmade Persian rugs. Although the Roodbar is a tribal style rug made in the northern subtropical area that it is, the quality is very high and much higher than the quality of the rugs made in other regions of Northern Iran. Roodbar usually makes geometric styles and floral patterns are rarely made. Most Roodbar carpets consist of octagonal compartments arranged in a neat allover manner. Vase elements, which is a very ancient Persian rug motif, is also portrayed in most rugs from this small village. The people in and around Roodbar are predominantly semi-nomadic Turco-Persians and/or Kurds. These are the people that weave these rugs in a very primitive and simple manner. The colors in a Roodbar rug may be any combination of reds, taupe, and many shades of blue. An authentic Roodbar is a great way to add some tribal warmth and hospitality to your floor.

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